Couplet Care

    Your baby belongs to you and your family and the Couplet Care program at King's Daughters recognizes and supports this.

    Our Couplet Care program allows mothers and healthy newborns to stay together, in the same room, until discharge. The same nurses care for you and your baby in the comfort and convenience of your room. 

    The Benefits of Couplet Care:

    • Personalized care for mother and baby together
    • Enhances the birthing experience
    • Infants cry less, have lower blood pressure and more stable temperature, pulse and respiration when kept with their mothers
    • Encourages mothers to learn more about baby's sleeping and feeding habits
    • More successful breastfeeding
    • More thorough education
    • Improved physician and nursing communication
    • Pediatricians examine your baby in your room with you present - allowing for you to ask questions about infant care and other issues during this time
    • Mothers feel more confident in caring for their newborns upon discharge.
    • Promotes family bonding